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Historic Estate on Turin Hills

 € 540,000 

+20 rooms

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1.400 sqm

3 bath

T + 1



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En. class


We are located in the center of Gassino in Corso Italia 61, just 17km away from Turin and the property we are talking about is a splendid historical estate. The estate is located in a central position that will ensure you the city comforts but also a blast from the past. It was precisely the discovery of a Roman inscription of the Gens Pollia in the courtyard of our estate, along with the orthogonal streets of the ancient city, that led to the supposition of Gassino's Roman origin. Walking through the narrow cobblestone streets of Gassino is like stepping into a fairy tale. Here, time seems to slow down, allowing visitors to appreciate the picturesque landscape and the well-preserved architecture of its medieval buildings. Gassino Torinese offers an authentic Italian experience, where local traditions and customs are still deeply rooted. The town's inhabitants take great pride in their heritage, and that's evident in the various cultural events and festivals that are celebrated with enthusiasm throughout the year. Nature lovers will find a refuge in Gassino, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Rolling hills covered with vineyards and orchards extend as far as the eye can see, offering a picture-perfect backdrop for relaxing walks and picnics. Food enthusiasts will delight in the culinary delights of the region, with restaurants and trattorias serving succulent dishes prepared with high-quality local ingredients. Enjoy the traditional delicacies of Piedmont, such as agnolotti, bagna cauda, and the renowned truffles, accompanied by exquisite local wines. The access of our Estate is through the pedestrian entrance gate, and as soon as we enter, we find ourselves in the first marvelous garden of about 250 square meters. In the garden, we find not only beautiful trees and plants but also a historical artifact in a niche on the left side. It is a Roman-age stele recognized by the Fine Arts Department. From the garden, we have access via two staircases to two beautiful terraces connected to each other, overlooking the street directly. Leaving the first garden, we enter the interior of the building. The building spreads on 4 levels, comprising a semi-basement, a ground floor, a first floor, and finally, an attic space. The semi-basement features vaulted ceilings and exposed bricks, accommodating very large cellars and a garage where at least 6/8 cars can be parked. The estate has an L-shaped layout, and between the ground floor and the first floor, there are over 25 rooms. Some parts of the estate have been renovated, while others require complete renovation. Space is certainly not lacking, as each floor measures approximately 300 square meters, totaling over 25 rooms throughout the property. This property is truly one-of-a-kind and can become the residence of a large family, as it can easily be divided into 4 significant-sized properties. Alternatively, it can be considered as a real estate investment, as it allows the creation of 10/15 independent housing units.










To be renovated



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